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Deciding to adopt out a child is a difficult and selfless decision. We promise to support you every step of the way in caring, supportive environment. We are a certified, independent non-profit agency committed to connecting babies with loving homes. How we support you.

AIf youre thinking about adopting a child, its important to choose a reliable, established agency like Cradle of Love to see you through the process. We promise to guide and support you with experience and compassion. You'll receive professional assistance for all your legal and administrative considerations, along with love and support for your emotional wellbeing.

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and addressing all your concerns. By working one-on-one from the very start, we support our clients and cultivate the patience and flexibility that helps them weather the uncertainties of adoption. We are with you every step of the way.

Services for Adoptive Parents

Whether you are a birth parent or a couple/individual wanting to adopt, we invite you to browse our Georgia adoption agency pages and learn more about how our adoption services and adoption assistance can help you with your questions and needs.

Our adoption team is available and ready to hear from you right now!

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Cradle of Love | Georgia Adoption Services & Assistance

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