Cleveland boy’s adoption wish: Can you make it come true? –

CLEVELAND Poet Edwin Markham once said, There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone.

According to Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services, more than 200 children and sibling groups are waiting for a forever home. Jonathan and his two brothers are one of those families.

The boys have had their fair share of trauma being in and out of foster care fighting for their chance to stay together.

Jonathan hopes his perseverance will pay off in finding permanent parents to care for him and his two brothers especially after losing their beloved foster mother to retirement.

Whos the lucky family thats going to get all of this love? Jonathan asked while embracing his two younger brothers. Is it you?

Jonathan sat down with 3News to share more about his life, goals and dreams -- including his hopes for the perfect storybook ending.

Jonathan has a fan club of teachers, social workers and former foster parents rooting for him. Here is a testimonial from one of them below:

As one of many supports available to Jonathan, I have been witnessing to the well of intelligence he holds in the classroom, the home, community, sports, digital world, board and/or card games, amongst many other things an eleven-year-old holds interest to. If he is not an expert now, you can bet he will put his mind to gathering all the tools he needs to succeed! Amongst his own success and aspirations, Jonathan holds dear his two brothers, Gerald (10) and Jacob (6), as it remains imperative that he is a positive role model and support for his brothers to have success in their own aspirations. I hope that Jonathan can have the opportunity to explain how his heart holds so much kindness and love for the people he cares most about. -- Ariel Roder, therapist, lpc, cdca, Ohio guide stone

Jonathan, Gerald, and Jacob were in the 3News studios on Friday on What's New with Jay Crawford and Betsy Kling. You can watch their interview below:

Are you interested in adoption? Read more HERE:

- Must be at least 21 years of age.

- Sufficient income to meet their own basic needs.

- Good physical, emotional and mental health.

- Single or part of a couple who have had a stable relationship for at least 1 year.

- No educational or religious requirements and home ownership is not necessary.

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Cleveland boy's adoption wish: Can you make it come true? -

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