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PASCO, WA National Kitten Day is on July 10, but for many people, everyday is National Kitten Day. Thats because more and more cats are getting adopted to keep people company during quarantine.

The director of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, Debbie Sporcich said kitten season actually started a couple of months ago.

So just know that we will always be trickling in kittens. And please, come in and adopt these cute little guys, Debbie said.

When COVID-19 hit, more people had time to foster or adopt animals to keep them company in quarantine. Compared to last year, Debbie said they have seen an increase in adoption numbers.

Our adoption numbers are quite good, Debbie said.

As pet adoptions increase, Debbie said pet owners should take precautions to keep their pets safe and secure. When you adopt a pet, especially during quarantine, Debbie said you have to consider your current situation.

A lost in job or a divorce, just all those things, Debbie said. Always know how are you going to care for your animal, how are you going to care for you pet.

Debbie recommends having extra money aside for vet care. She said you need to be smart as temperatures continue to climb this summer.

If you have a dog that spends a lot of time outside, Debbie said. Lets say when you are at work, do they have proper shelter.

Also, make sure your pet has fresh water in the bowl.

Bringing home a kitten or a cat or puppy or dog, its a huge responsibility, Debbie said. They need us to really care for them and look after them and treat them like family.

If you do not adopt from a shelter or rescue and decide to get your new pet from a friend, Debbie said spay and neutering is extremely important.

Make that investment as well. Its good for their health, Debbie said. It is good for their behavior and it is good for not creating more puppies and kittens.

Not only is spaying and neutering vital, Debbie said it also keeps the stray population down.

You know, getting our animals vaccinated, micro chipped, Debbie said. Really making it just a smart move for people to adopt from shelters or rescues because the cats are ready to go home.

Adoptions have changed a bit at the shelter during COVID-19. They are asking you to call ahead and make an appointment. If you would like to adopt a cat on National Kitten Day, you can find more information on their website at tri-citiesanimalshelter.com.

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