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Adoption Assistance in Colorado

The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 established a program of adoption assistance, strengthened the program of foster care assistance for needy and dependent children, and improved the child welfare, social services, and aid to families with dependent children programs. The Act required States to make adoption assistance payments, which take into account the circumstances of the adopting parents and the child, to parents who adopt a child who is AFDC-eligible and is a child with special needs.

The Act defines a child with special needs as a child who:

Adoption Assistance in Colorado

Adoption assistance is intended to help or remove financial or other barriers to the adoption of Colorado children with special needs by providing assistance to the parent(s) in caring for and raising the child.

Financial support and/or services are provided to adoptive parent(s) in certain defined and limited ways to meet the needs of an eligible adopted child. at a minimum if a family receives adoption assistance from a county the adopted child is eligible for Medicaid.

Colorado operates two adoption assistance programs:

See CDHS Volume 7 Rule - CCR 7.306.4 for detailed information regarding eligibility. Click HERE to review theCode of Colorado Regulations.

Each county human services department determines the type of adoption assistance and eligibility in accordance with state and federal regulations.

For more information regarding a county's specific policy regarding adoption assistance, download county-specific adoption assistance policies below.

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