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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - This month all over the nation thousands of families are working to finalize adoptions of kids in foster care during National Adoption Month.

Just last year over 500 children were adopted through the foster care system in Nebraska, something the Department of Health and Human Services said is important in shaping those kids' futures.

10/11 NOW spoke with Rick Alloway, a highly regarded Nebraska professor, who said he wouldn't be where he is if it weren't for adoption.

"I was placed with two incredibly wonderful adoptive parents," Alloway said.

Starting in the news and living out his career in broadcasting, Alloway said it wouldn't have been possible without his adoption.

For the last 33 years, he's been a professor at the University's Journalism college.

He's been an announcer, producer, radio host and his parents were always his biggest fans.

"I clearly had opportunities that I might not have had otherwise," Alloway said.

As a child grows up, the DHHS says having that parental relationship is important to their success.

This year's focus on family matters overall represents adoption and lifelong commitment for a child.

"Giving them that security and life-long attachment helps with child development and overall success for children," said Olivia Biggs, program specialist for children and family services division.

In the last ten years, DHHS has helped place nearly 5,000 Nebraska children in adoptive homes.

DHHS says not only can families help children through younger years, but it's something that will stick with them like it has for Alloway.

"I cannot thank my adoptive family and extended adoptive family enough for all of the nurturing and gifts they afforded me, and all of the opportunities they afforded me," Alloway said.

DHHS says they are always looking for more foster or adoptive parents for kids right here in Nebraska.

If you would like more information on adopting a child, Click Here.

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Adoption changing lives in Nebraska - 1011now

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