Adoption | Arizona Department of Child Safety

Any adult (age 18 or older) resident of Arizona, whether married, unmarried, widowed or legally separated is eligible to qualify to adopt children. A husband and wife may jointly adopt children.

For Arizona families wanting to adopt children living in a different state, an adoption referral must be sent from the Arizona ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) office to the state in which the child resides and a home study must be completed.

For out-of-state families wanting to adopt an Arizona child, the process is similar, however, the adoption referral needs to be initiated from the state ICPC office in which the family resides and sent to Arizona as the child is in the care, custody and control of Arizona.

In cases where there is an ICPC, families must receive approval thru their state ICPC office and, in some states, receive certification from the court to adopt. Arizona now provides families the option of finalizing ICPC adoptions either in Arizona or the state where the child is currently residing.

Adoption | Arizona Department of Child Safety

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