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The menopause can leave women feeling awful.

Youre hot all the time. Youre tired. You cant sleep.

And often, these are only really managed withhormone replacement therapy.

But it turns out that you can also temper the symptoms of menopause with hot yoga.

Michele Pernetta is the founder of hot power yoga practice Fierce Yoga, and is credited with bringing Bikram (hot) Yoga over to this country back in 1994.

And she saysthat hot yogacan benefit and alleviate the more uncomfortable side effects of the menopause.

While it may seem counterintuitiveto go into a hot room when one is suffering from hot flushes, the heated room allows the sequence to work deeper and faster and in fact has the opposite effect on the flushes reducing rather than aggravating them, she says.

Yoga at Fierce Grace is practised at 26C four degrees lower than Bikram Yoga, for a more comfortable but still effectiveexperience.

Sweating is healthy and can also be very relaxing to both your body and mind, leaving you feeling very refreshed and energised afterwards.

Previous studies by researchers at the University of Washington have concluded that yoga, in general, can significantly reduce hot flushes and cognitive symptoms.

Michele, however, goes a step further and says that certain yoga poses have been shown to balance hormones by bringing fresh blood and pressure to deeper internal organs, such as the kidneys, thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain).

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Yoga also helps the nervous system, anxiety, insomnia and aching joints. Restorative postures such as Half Tortoise, Savasana and Standing Separate Leg head to Knee can relax the nervous system and improve the functioning of the endocrine system.

Andduring the menopause, the endocrine system takes a battering.

So anything you can do to help it work properly is going to make you feel a lot better.

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How to beat the symptoms of menopause with hot yoga – Metro

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